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Greenfield Care Center of Fillmore was founded in 2003 as a 98 bed facility. With the new ownership, the facility has continued to evolve and thrive, providing the best quality of care for the residents who reside at the facility. We ensure that all residents are treated with dignity and respect while creating individualized care for our residents based on their needs and desires. Greenfield Care Center provides an uplifting atmosphere of healing and excels at meeting our resident’s needs. Whether the goal is a short term stay of rehabilitation, or a long term stay our team is here to assist you in meeting your goals.

Our professional staff is committed to give excellent care to our residents and maintain a safe and compassionate environment. We ensure that our residents are comfortable and highly satisfied by providing a various range of services including:
Rehabilitation services including;
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech therapy

Certified Beds: 98
GCC’s Staff Average: 105
Our facility provides private, semi-private and three bed rooms for our residents during their short or long term stay.

Rehabilitation consulting
24-hour skilled nursing care
• Activity Programs and outings that fit your individual needs.
Social Services assistance, from insurances, to internal and external programs that you may be eligible for.

Our Services & Amenities

Greenfield Care Center of Fillmore realizes that choosing a skilled nursing facility is one of the most challenging decisions you will ever have to make. From your initial contact with our facility to the completion of your discharge, our multidisciplinary team will assure a seamless continuity of care that is tailored to your specific needs. Our facility offers experienced staff of nurses, therapists, counselors, aides, activity professionals, nutritionists, housekeeping, laundry and maintenance personnel who administer care with guidance from our Medical Director and physicians.
At Greenfield Care Center of Fillmore we offer our specialized services and resources for short-term rehabilitation, long-term skilled nursing care, and Hospice care to include the following:

Skilled Nursing

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Rehab Services

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Specialty Services

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Our Rehabilitation

Greenfield Care Center of Fillmore has therapists on-site to help you get the treatment you need. Our therapists work with patients and their families to provide balanced and continuum of care. Our extensive rehabilitation services emphasize achievement. Each resident’s recovery potential is assessed and goals for improvement are established. Our rehabilitation program is exclusively provided by EVA CARE INC. and consists of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology. Each therapist is properly trained and certified in their field of specialty.


Physical Therapy

The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to assist residents to achieve their maximum functional mobility skills. Individualized treatment programs are designed to alleviate pain, correct deformities, prevent disability, and restore functional ability to the highest level.

Here at Greenfield Care Center of Fillmore
A team of licensed therapist are available to work with each resident to reduce pain and improve strength, balance, mobility and endurance.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy works with residents to achieve their highest level of daily living performance in activities and provides specialized services that enhance the abilities of individuals to perform and to achieve satisfaction in their daily occupations. Programs are individually designed to assists the residents to reach the highest independent level in all daily living activities.

Our occupational Therapists treat conditions of the upper extremities. Residents learn how to increase their independence with everyday tasks such as dressing and bathing safely.


Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-Language Pathologists conduct evaluation and implement individual treatment programs for residents with speech, language, and swallowing disorders. Communication skills are enhanced and techniques to ensure safe swallowing are taught.

Rehabilitation therapy involves direct manipulation of muscles, joint and other parts of the body affected by an injury or chronic illness.

Strength training, heat treatments, massage and supervised exercises may all be elements of rehabilitation therapy. Individual therapy regimens will depend on the type of injury or condition, the patient’s age and specialized treatments prescribed by a physician.

Our speech therapist help residents improve language and communication skills, and swallowing abilities.


Greenfield Care Center is located in heart of the city of Fillmore, near many dinning and shopping locations. Fillmore is known as the “Last Best Small Town in Southern California”, where much filming has taken place for Hollywood. Fillmore has multiple outdoor recreational areas, and historically has been known for its agriculture. The scenery with mountain views around the city have made it an idyllic area to thrive.


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Contact Us

Call: +1-805-524-5250
Fax: +1-805-524-5252
Address: 118 B St., Fillmore, CA 93015



At this time, Greenfield Care Center of Fillmore is not releasing medical records to discharged residents or their legal representatives in person due to the current COVID-19 pandemic Public Health Emergency. However, we do offer other options for obtaining medical records.
Discharged residents may request a copy of their medical records verbally and/or by completing and submitting an Authorization for Release of Personal Health Information form.
You can download and complete the authorization form from our website to submit your medical record request by fax, email or mail. A Medical Records representative can also email you a form to compete, fax, email or mail back to the Center.
Verification of identity may be required. Acceptable forms of identification include driver’s license, state-issued ID, or a valid, current passport.
If you are requesting for copies of medical records, standardized copying charges will be applied in addition to any postal charges or CD ROM charges. Records will only be released via mail or picked up in person with an advanced appointment.
The Medical Records Department’s hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. The department is closed on weekends and major holidays. Please direct your inquiries to the Med Rec department for status updates or the Center Administrator.
Due to the current PHE, CMS modified the requirement at 42 CFR §483.10(g)(2)(ii) to allow LTC facilities 10 working days to provide a resident’s record rather than the standard two working days. If the requested information is located off-site or if the authorization form is not properly filled out, additional time may be required to process your request.
If you are requesting copies for someone other than yourself, you will need to provide legal documentation that verifies legal guardianship, power of attorney, executorships or next-of-kin relationship to a decedent.

Resident and Staff Status (updated 07/01/21)

The information below is updated regularly to help ensure residents, family, and resident representatives are kept up to date on our current COVID-19 status. In the event of a positive case, Greenfield Care Center of Fillmore has a mitigation plan in place to protect our healthy residents and team members. This includes immediately isolating residents with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. In addition, team members with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 are directed to stay at home until they are fully recovered.

  • There are currently 1 COVID-19 positive residents in our facility.
  • There is currently 0 COVID-19 positive employee who is COVID-19 positive test.
  • All residents are in yellow zone for close monitoring.

Our Infection Preventionist Nurse is ensuring that all PPE is worn as required by the CDC, infection control procedures are carefully followed, and the environmental services department sanitizes the facility several times a day and as needed.

Visitor Policy (updated 07/01/21)

We are currently unable to allow indoor visitation based on guidance from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the current community spread in Orange County. Indoor visitors are only permitted when approved for certain compassionate care situations, such as end of life support, or for whom a support person has been determined to be essential to the care of the patient (medically necessary), including patients with physical, intellectual, and/or developmental disabilities and patients with cognitive impairments. We realize the importance of staying connected with your loved ones and encourage you to take advantage of the following visitation options:

Phone Calls – Need assistance getting in touch by phone? Please call us at (805) 524-5250.

Virtual Visits – To schedule a video chat or phone conversation, please call (805) 524-5250.

Window Visits – For assistance with arranging a window visit, please call at (805) 524-5250.

Outdoor Visits – To schedule an outdoor visit in our upcoming visitation booth, please call (805) 524-5250. For the safety of your loved ones and our team members, all visitors must adhere to the following outdoor visitation guidelines:

  • Visitation will be limited to two guests at a time and 15 minutes per visit, per day.
  • All guests will be screened with a questionnaire 24 hours prior to the visit as well as the day of the visit in addition to a temperature check prior to visitation.
  • A team member must be present to monitor all visits and disinfect the visitation area between visits.
  • Suspected or confirmed COVID-positive residents may not host visitation.
  • Visitors and residents must wear facial coverings at all times and maintain good hand hygiene.
  • Visitors must remain behind a barrier, at least six feet apart, with no resident physical contact, including handshaking, hugging, or touching of any kind.

What has GCC done to protect residents and staff from COVID-19?

The team at Fillmore has been coordinating closely with county, state, and federal agencies while implementing new infection control protocols as they are updated by CDC.

Below are several of the infection control measures we have implemented to prevent the spread of infections:

  • Staff members are screened daily upon entry per guidelines from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The screening includes a questionnaire and a temperature check taken before direct resident contact.
    • Staff members experiencing respiratory symptoms or fever of 100.4 degrees or above and no known COVID-19 exposure are directed to stay home and self-quarantine 7 days for resolution of symptoms and must be afebrile for 72 hours.
    • Staff members experiencing respiratory symptoms or fever of 100.4 degrees or above and have a known COVID-19 exposure are directed to stay home and self-quarantine until a total of 7 days free of symptoms have passed or has been afebrile for 72 hours whichever is longer, or the employee has received a negative result on a COVID-19.
    • Staff members who have traveled out of the country to designated regions or returned from a cruise are required to self-isolate for 14 days prior to returning to work.
  • Staff hand hygiene compliance is monitored daily.
  • Staff use personal protective equipment (PPE) such as N95 masks, surgical masks, gloves, and gowns as prescribed by local, state, and federal guidelines.
  • Staff have been trained on the most current information and guidance from CMS, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).
  • Facility access has been limited to one entry point.
  • Infection prevention signage is posted at the entrance and throughout the facility.
  • Based on direct guidance from CMS, visitors are not currently permitted except for end-of-life, compassionate care situations.
  • Essential personnel are screened prior to entry requiring completion of a questionnaire and a temperature check. Those exhibiting a temperature and/or respiratory symptoms will be denied entry.
  • Essential personnel are monitored for compliance with our enhanced visitor precautions.
  • Residents are provided up-to-date education on the COVID-19/Coronavirus guidelines and all mandated restrictions imposed by CDC, CDPH, and CMS.
  • Residents are monitored daily for fever and respiratory symptoms.

Are residents and resident representatives notified if a resident or staff member contracts COVID-19?

Yes, to help ensure transparency and in accordance with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidelines, it is our policy to notify residents and resident representatives by 5:00 pm the next calendar day after the occurrence of a single confirmed infection of COVID-19, or three or more residents or staff with new-onset of respiratory symptoms that occur within 72 hours. If you are not listed as a resident representative on the medical record and would like to be, please contact our social services team.

What must essential personnel do to keep patients safe? 

Essential personnel must follow the following precautions:

  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as facemasks, as prescribed by the facility
  • Clean your hands upon arrival and after leaving
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or sleeve
  • Clean your hands after coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

Are you accepting personal protective equipment (PPE) donations?

Yes, we are currently accepting new/unused PPE such as disposable face masks of all kinds, N95 masks, face shields, and disposable or reusable isolation gowns. If you are a local business or individual and have access to any of these items, please give us a call.

Can I deliver food/drinks to residents?

Outside deliveries including food/drinks must be coordinated with the Social Service Department and left in the designated bin outside the Center.

Are you hiring?

Yes! Our facility remains open and we are actively recruiting for multiple positions. Please visit our website  for more information or download and send us an application.   In person applications are also available outside the Center's front door on the left side.  Both in-person and virtual interviews will be conducted by appointment only.

Where can I find additional information? 

Please visit for up-to-date information regarding COVID-19.